This year, our school councilors will be contributing to three main areas: 

  • Improving presentation in our books. 
  • Contributing ideas to the multi-schools council. 
  • Improving our links to the community.


Pristine Presentation

Beginning on 16th October, school council will be monitoring the presentation of books around our school. Our first focus will be Maths books! 

The Councillors will be looking through books from each class and rating their presentation against our school's 'Prisitine Presentation' rules. The winning class will receive additional smartness points next week. 

Watch this space to find out who the winner is! 

Here is a reminder of the Pristine Presentation rules:

Multi-schools council

On 1st October, we attended our first multi-school council meeting, which was held at Doucecroft school in Eight Ash Green. There were about 10 schools present at the meeting and as well as contributing our ideas to items on the agenda, it also gave us a chance to mix with other schools and find out what their school councilors are doing this year. During the meeting we shared our ideas about: 

- What types of things would you like to learn more about when talking about our health and how would you like to read this information? The NHS will be using our ideas to help inform a new set of lessons and school visits to improve the understanding that children have of their health and how to keep healthy. 

- How can we make sure there are sports opportunities for everyone, what should we be doing more of, how can get more clubs to provide activities for all? 'Active Essex' will be using our ideas and contributions to help them ensure that the after-school clubs, school lessons and weekend/holiday activities are inclusive for all levels and abilities! They may also open some new clubs, based on the information we provided. 

- How can we connect with parents and tell them about the multi-school’s council? There were a number of great ideas for  this question! Watch this space for more information on some potential future events! 

- How can we get more schools to sign up to the multi-school council? We found this question tricky! Many of the ideas that were shared have already been tried by the council. One idea that we will be involved in is sharing our experience of the multi-school's council with other schools in our consortium through the use of posters and videos that we will be sending to them.   

Huge congratulations must go to Danielle (6C) who was chosen as 'Star of the meeting' for her brilliant ideas and wonderful attitude towards listening to others and celebrating their contributions. 

Have a look at the multi-school's YouTube channel (see the link below) to find out more information about their role in Essex schools. 

Past School Council Projects

Look below - Here we are enjoying our new equipment!

The 1st job on our busy agenda was to attend a Governors meeting and share ideas as to how the school could spend money improving lunch times and break times; allowing pupils to have more choice of activities and games.