Welcome to Year 5!

Take a look below to see what we have been learning...

Easton Park Farm 

This summer term we had an exciting day out at Easton Park Farm. Throughout the day we were able to egg collect and hold a chick - how exciting! We also learnt a great deal about milking Mildred, a fun, engaging, interactive talk demonstrating milk production. From then on, we were able to spend the afternoon feeding a range of animals on the farm such as: cows, chickens, goats, horses and many more! By the end of the day we were filled with awe and excitement, take a look at some of our photos from the day... 

Natural Disasters 

In the spring term year 5 look at natural disasters around the world. We investigate volcanoes, earthquakes, land slides, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes and wild fires. In many of our lessons we have had fun practical elements to help us understand further. We have also written information texts in Literacy on tornadoes too. Have a look at what we have done so far...

Ancient Egyptian Day! 
Check out our wonderful costumes and take a look at the array of activities planned for the day.

Literacy- Secrets of a Sun King (Emma Carroll)

Wow, what a fantastic book! We read about the adventures of a very ordinary girl from London in 1922, who found herself on the way to Egypt with a VERY important object to take back to a hidden tomb. We wrote our own ending to the book, following this we created news reports about her journey using iPad and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Take a sneak peek at some of our unedited news reports! 



We have been working hard to create a wide range of Egyptian dishes which is linked with our history topic. We are perfecting dishes to enjoy at a special Egyptian Feast Day!

Ancient Egyptian Feast!

We had fun cooking for our classmates and really enjoyed trying a range of Egyptian foods. 


We started off the year focusing on place value and will be moving onto working with addition and subtraction, while using plenty of practical equipment and partners to support us.

Off The Wall Squash

Year 5 have been enjoying Off The Wall Squash coaching for P.E this half term! Look how much fun they've been having!