News & Photos

At the beginning of March, some year 5 and 6 pupils took part in the Panathlon along with pupils from other Colchester schools. Pupils took part in a range of sporting activities including Volleybat, Beanbag Archery, Basketball, Curling and Tenpin Bowling. Hazelmere Junior School came 2nd in the competition and all pupils received a silver medal and certificate for taking part. 

To end the first half of the spring term, the whole school spent a day focusing on Black History Month.  Each year group focused on learning about a significant person from the black community.  Year 3 focused on Rosa Parks, Year 4 looked at Claudia Jones and the Notting Hill Carnival, Year 5 linked theirs with Science and space which they will be working on next half term and focused on Mae Jemison and Year 6 looked at the Windrush and Floella Benjamin.  It has been wonderful to see all the children so engaged with this and the fun and creative ways that have supported their learning.

At the end of September, children enjoyed a Harvest Festival assembly where we joined by the Reverend Sue Howlett.  We were overwhelmed with the incredible donations made by our school community.  Colchester Foodbank came to collect all the items and were incredibly grateful. Well done everyone within the Hazelmere community!

In July, at the end of the summer term, Dolphin House had collected the most House Points throughout the academic year and so took part in a water fight against the staff!

Dolphins and staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as did all the spectators. Great fun was had by all! 

In May 2022, we celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in school. We had a special day of celebrations, including a whole-school picnic on the field with games and activities, and we all received a commemorative Platinum Jubilee badge. It was a great day! 

In May 2022, school council representatives went to the Mayor Making ceremony at the Town Hall.  They watched as Greenstead Ward Councillor, Tim Young, was sworn in as the new Mayor of Colchester.

In the autumn term, we had a visit form our local PCSO Emma Wright. She talked to us about how we can keep ourselves safe when we're out of school, including online. We learnt a lot from her and we enjoyed her assembly. 

Year 5 Cake Sale

Year 5 were very keen to help with the Australian wild fires as their geography unit was Natural  Disasters. Year 5 made over £250 selling cakes, the money will be sent to WWF wild fire fund.

Supporting the work of SHELTER

In November, we welcomed Marina Woodrow from the charity SHELTER.

Shelter helps the homeless in and around Colchester by providing 20 beds for them, emotional support, teaches life skills and enables them to see a doctor, if need be.

As a school we collected items such as shampoo, deodorant and other hygiene products as well as clothes and sleeping bags to give to Shelter.

We believe we really can make a difference: 'If it's to be it's up to me.'


Sailing Week!

 In July, Year five got to go sailing for a whole week which was an absolutely amazing experience because some of us hadn’t even been on a boat our entire lives. Incredibly they now can helm a boat on their own. We all really enjoyed it!

Art Attack

The whole school took part in Art Attack, where we learnt about real artists and recreate out own class copy, then our own individual representations using the artist's style.

Real-life working graffiti artists came into school to create a whole school mural. Every child in the school took part!

Mental Health & Emotional


National Children's Mental Health Week

We learnt lots of tools that we can use to help us when we feel a range of emotions...

Class Challenges - Every class selected some challenges that would need resilience and determination to get better at by the end of the week. We were competing against ourselves, not others, striving to be the best we can be

Nature Days

For the last three years, our pupils have taken part in Nature Days, where they 'get back to nature', no matter what the weather or the season. We learn solely through nature during these special days!

Being out enjoying nature is proven to do wonders for our mental health and emotional well-being.  We want to offer our children the chance to go out and experience, observe and find awe and wonder in the natural world.  This is important to us at Hazelmere Junior School. Let's open our eyes to an alternative to computer games!


Pupils took the IPADs and became photographers, noticing the shapes, details and wonder in nature

Meet our very lucky Kindle winner... Emma!

It just proves that regular reading is worth it!  Read every day for half a term and collect a Golden Ticket,  at the end of the year a name is picked out of the Golden Ticket box to win the amazing Kindle.  Well Done Emma!