Our Governing Body

Governing Body meetings are changing this year.  Governors will be meeting as a Full Governing Body 6 times each academic year (once per half-term).  

Governors Statement of Behaviour Principles

The Governing Body of Hazelmere Junior School believe that all members of our school community should be able to learn and achieve their full potential in a safe, secure and orderly environment.

We have set the following principles to guide the Headteacher in determining measure to promote good behaviour and discipline amongst pupils.

  • Pupils will be given clearly communicated expectations and boundaries that are consistently applied across the school by all adults.
  • Behaviour in all contexts, will be managed using a positive approach in order to maintain personal dignity and promote integrity, honesty and trust.
  • Procedures for behaviour management and discipline will be set out in the school’s Behaviour Policy and this will be followed as appropriate to the needs of the individual child, the immediate situation, the context of learning and the prevailing circumstances.
  • Adults within the school environment including non– teaching staff and visitors to the school, have a duty to provide positive role models in all areas of behaviour.
  • We strike a balance between recognising positive behaviour and having appropriate sanctions which are seen by all to be fair and applied consistently when standards of the expected behaviour are not maintained. We also aim to produce pupils who have awareness of appropriate behaviour in all social and academic contexts.
  • Our expectation is that everyone connected with the school will promote and present high levels of respect and regard for pupils and adults, thereby being role models for pupils, including by:
    • Using polite, warm greetings and respectful conversations
    • Moving around the school with consideration for others
    • Maintaining the tidiness and organisation of the school environment
    • Listening respectfully
    • Including pupils as equal partners in the life and ethos of the school
  • The school’s behaviour principles will incorporate an approach to promote pupils’ development of effective learning behaviours.

 Any concerns regarding the implementation of this statement should be referred to the Chair of Governors.

 These principles will be reviewed by the Governing Body annually.

Mr Adam Wright - Acting Chair of Governors

Adam Wright is currently Vice Chair of Governors with responsibility for Curriculum. Adam works in education and skills policy; he is currently Deputy Head of Policy at the British Academy, the UK’s national body for the humanities and social sciences. In other roles, he has worked on policy relating to practical science lessons in primary schools and has been the external assessor for government-funded schemes supporting mathematics education. Adam is also a trustee and an external member of Council at the University of Essex, where he had previously completed his PhD in Government and taught political theory. He enjoys travelling, hiking, and playing with Lego. 

Mrs Jenny Hunt

On my retirement as Head Teacher of Hazelmere Junior School in the summer term of 2017, I wanted to maintain my interest and contact with the school and duly became a governor. During my time as a pupil in the 60’s, then as a teacher and finally the Headteacher, I have been amazed at how the school continues to move forward and develops with the children at the centre of its ethos. My responsibility as a governor is to work closely with the Headteacher to ensure that the safeguarding of each child and the well-being of the staff is maintained in all of the decisions made by the governing body. I am very proud to be part of a school that seeks to put the children and their needs at the forefront in an atmosphere of mutual respect and an environment where all can achieve success if they work hard. This, I believe is possible when school, home and governors work together to support every child and allow them to do their very best and fulfil their potential.

Mr Steve Hunt

I retired as Finance Manager for the 19 Schools in the North Essex Schools Partnership in December 2017. When an opportunity to join the Governors at Hazelmere Junior School arose, I was delighted to sign up. I worked with the school for over 20 years and it was amongst the best schools that I supported during that time. Coming from a financial management background, as a governor, I am able to use my skills to ensure that our procedures meet the required standards for the best outcomes for the children, from the limited resources that the government give us. As a newly appointed governor (March 2019) I am keen to support the School as needed and look forward to working alongside the committed staff and fellow governors to allow the whole school community to thrive and move forward to benefit all.     

Mrs Paula Derwin- Headteacher

Miss Julie Ambrose

I initially joined the Governing Body as a Staff Governor in 2012 and became an Associate Governor in 2016. When my two grown up sons were younger, I served as a Parent Governor at their Junior School in Witham.  I have worked in Education Administration for 35 years in various roles and was previously Business Manager for 11 years in a large Comprehensive School in Chelmsford before joining Hazelmere in 2005.  I am keen to ensure good value for money whilst ensuring that the school is maintained to a high standard and equipped with the quality resources needed to provide the very best teaching and learning outcomes for our children.

Mrs Jayne Bond - Deputy Headteacher

I have recently joined the Governing body as a Staff Governor.  I have worked at Hazelmere Junior School for 14 years and have been the Deputy Head for 2 years.  I came into teaching later in life and spent the first 20 years travelling and bringing up a family in International Schools in major cities around the world.  I have a keen interest in how children learn and hold the National Certificate in Special Educational Needs Coordination.  I am also a licensed Thrive practitioner and have responsibility for all interventions delivered within the school.

Mr Robin Taverner

I have a wealth of experience to bring to the role of school governor at Hazelmere Junior School. I have extensive experience as a teacher, headteacher, local authority school effectiveness partner and education consultant. I enjoy working with all education professionals, providing training, support and challenge to help schools become even better. I have 16 years experience as a headteacher, in three primary schools. Additionally, my experience includes working as lead Ofsted inspector and local authority school effectiveness partner. I have a Master of Arts in Education degree. My educational specialisms include school leadership, school performance information and curriculum development. My greatest pleasure, working in education, is helping school leaders and teachers to reflect upon their practice, in order that children make the best possible progress with their learning. Outside of work I enjoy cycling and walking. I have an interest in classic cars, and I help to care for my 3 year old grandson.


The Governing Body of Hazelmere Junior Primary School has responsibilty for:

  • The conduct of the school
  • Setting targets in standards and achievements
  • Ensuring the school has a Curriculum Policy, in particular the teaching of National Curriculum subjects and RE and deciding on provision of sex education
  • Ensuring policies relating to the school's operation are prepared and are reviewed regularly
  • Providing information for parents
  • Promoting Commumity Cohesion
  • Financial managment of the school
  • Personnel matters including staff appointments as appropriate
  • Management and maintenance of the buildings
  • Pupil discipline and behaviour
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the school
  • Responding to an inspection by OFSTED and monitoring how the key issues arising from the inspection are addressed
  • Appointing a Headteacher when a vacancy occurs


Standing Orders of the Governing Body

Code of Conduct for the Governing Body

Terms of reference - Pay Committee

Terms of reference - Pay Appeals

Terms of reference - Disciplinary and Dismissal Committee

Terms of reference - Appeals Committee

Terms of reference - Discipline Exclusions Committee




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