All children receive regular science lessons and, where appropriate these lessons are linked to other areas of learning.  Children are encouraged to read through online and paper research.  Maths links are made by drawing graphs, reading tables and charts.  Ultimately, we want children to enjoy learning all areas of science and topics may be covered more than once throughout your child's schooling in order to embed their knowledge.


In teaching science there are a number of key skills that we aim to develop.  Children are taught to work scientifically which involves -

  • Developing an understanding of science through enquiry and investigation.
  • Observing, measuring and undertaking a variety of tests.
  • Developing curiosity and asking questions.
  • Reading using scientific vocabulary.
  • Testing and developing ideas.
  • Making decisions.
  • Analysing results and relationships.
  • Answering questions
  • Enjoyment of science.



These provide you with the key vocabulary your child will be using whilst studying the topic.  They also explain the key concepts that will be taught for each topic.