Welcome to Year 3


  • Every day               Reading          Please read every day and sign the reading record (there are rewards and prizes to be won).
  • Wednesday      Spellings           Spelling homework is given out today to be completed and will be tested the following Tuesday
  • Friday                Maths             Homework books are handed out on FRiday and are due back the following Wednesday. 
  • Friday                   P.E.              It is recommended that children have a P.E. kit in school at all times.  (see uniform page for details). 


Each half term we also set a topic-based project to create at home and present to the class at school! These could be posters, models, art, PowerPoint presentations etc. that relates to the theme.



Have a look below to find out what we will be learning about in Year 3.


This half term year 3 have been learning about healthy eating and how to make sensible choices for a balanced diet in design technology lessons. We have learned about the different food groups and what each one does to help keep us healthy. As part of this we designed a healthy sandwich trying to use foods from the different food groups then we made them. There were several choices and the class were responsible for choosing what to put in their sandwich. Take a look at some of our sandwiches below. 


Year 3 had a great trip out to the garrison to play squash on the proper courts. We really enjoyed learning about the game and the opportunity to play at the garrison. All of the children did a great job and listened really well. Take a look at some photos of us playing below. 

Moving Monsters

We had great fun making moving monsters using egg boxes and balloons. We designed and then decorated the egg box. Then we made a hole in the back and inserted a balloon. When we blew through the balloon the egg box opened like the monster was chomping!


Look at how much fun we had doing Cheerdance in the first half term!