Hazelmere Junior School


Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish)

Statement of Intent

At Hazelmere Junior School we want our children to be good communicators, who enjoy languages. We have chosen our languages curriculum so that learning is enjoyable and accessible but also allows our children to gain progressive knowledge of Spanish language and culture. Children are exposed to songs, text and cultural knowledge.

Our aims are to fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum; providing a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum; ensuring the progressive development of vocabulary and sounds, alongside developing transferable skills.

Key aims

  • Deliver engaging and creative lessons- for example year 3 create puppets to enable them to become confident when talking to others. Across the school all children celebrate European day of Languages, enhancing their knowledge of their peers’ native languages.
  • We would like our children to learn more about the wider world and therefore we have chosen to include information about Spanish culture and do so in a fun way such as songs and games. This makes it accessible to all.
  • We have towards making sure our work is well differentiated and engaging. A progressive Spanish curriculum has recently been rolled out across the school. This ensures all National Curriculum content is being met.
  • The curriculum has also been organised so that some units “support” teaching other subjects or units e.g. counting in year 3, months of the year in year 4, Take 10 which enhances PE movement time., reading and phonics skills.


Hazelmere - Curriculum Map (MFL - Spanish)

Hazelmere - Progression of Skills (MFL - Spanish)