Hazelmere Junior School


'At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents.' Jane D Hull

It is vital at Hazelmere Junior School that we work in partnership with the parents/carers of our children.  By working together to support children academically, emotionally and socially we know they have the highest chance of success.  

We try to involve parents as much as possible in school life inviting them to productions, sports day, special events and awards assembly.  In addition, we send out regular newsletters which can be found on the website and we have a school Instagram account @hazelmerejunior where families can see what is going on in day to day school life.

In our recent survey parents shared their experiences of Hazelmere Junior School.

Fantastic School!

The school has every child's best interests at heart.

Splendid Work!

Amazing school, amazing staff.

I am incredibly proud of the school and always recommend it to anyone that I talk to considering schools.