Music Tuition

The school offers the opportunity for pupils to take the following instrumental lessons with a visiting specialist teacher.

Woodwind Mrs Nash Individual 15 minutes £7.00 per week
Keyboard Mrs Nash Individual 15 minutes £7.00 per week
Guitar  Mrs Nash Groups of 3 for half hour £4.70 per week
Drums Mr Timms Individual 15 minutes    £7.00 per week
Paired 15 minutes  £3.50 per week
Strings (Violin) T.B.A.  Individual 15 minutes  £7.00 per week
Brass  T.B.A. Individual 15 minutes   £7.00 per week


Teachers have to be pre-booked for 10 lessons per term, regardless of how long any term is, and this means that the price remains constant.  Once lessons have been booked you will be committed to paying for the tuition for the whole ten weeks, even if your child is absent.  If your child is ill, the teacher will do their best to make the lesson up, although they are not obliged to do so.

Please note that we cannot accept responsibility for any damage to instruments while on school premises so you are advised to arrange your own insurance cover for musical instruments.

All lessons must be paid for IN ADVANCE and lessons can be stopped immediately if they are not paid for.  Children who pay weekly must pay for 2 weeks lessons in the first week of each term so they are always one week in advance.  If you are in receipt of Income Support or Family Credit, please contact the office for details of the music voucher subsidy scheme which is worth up to £46.50 per term.

Letters and application forms are available from the school office.